Brazil: Division of trademark applications and registrations

14. September 2020

By Carlos Cavalcanti. Lawyer, Managing Partner at Moeller IP Brazil.

The Brazilian PTO has postponed the entry into force of the resolution that regulates the division of trademark applications/registrations (Resolution 244, of August 27, 2019) to July 1, 2021. Until this new date, it will not be possible to divide applications or registrations of brands. As a consequence, before the mentioned date, international multiclass deposits, which entered Brazil through the Madrid Protocol, cannot be divided either.


Brazilian PTO informs that, as of September 15, 2020, co-ownership will become an option in trademark applications, through the following services:

– Code 389 (Trademark registration request with pre-approved specification) – value per class; and

– Code 394 (Trademark registration request with free entry specification) – value per class.

In addition, using service code 349 (Holder transfer note), an order or registration with a single holder may be transformed into an order or registration with more than one holder, also allowing for any future transfers involving any issue in co-ownership.



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