Close to a century of experience in Latin America & emerging markets

Running a business that’s almost a century old means we know how the wind blows –
and that the only way is forward. Embracing change since 1929.


German patent attorney Joachim Moeller, founder of the firm, files his first patent application in Argentina, where he lives. With an excellent reputation for quality, Mr. Moeller makes it the firm’s goal to be the number-one German-speaking Intellectual Property law firm in Buenos Aires.


Walter Messerer, starting out as a young aspiring lawyer, takes an internship at the patents department at Moeller in 1937. After the end of the World War II, Mr. Moeller decides to immigrate back to Germany. Having been carefully nurtured by Mr. Moeller, Walter Messerer is entrusted with the sole responsibility of the firm several years later and fully takes over the business in 1966.


Moeller IP Advisors now offers regional coverage for all of Latin America through a single Power of Attorney. Meanwhile, the firm establishes itself as the go-to firm for the booming German Mittelstand (SMBs) – the backbone of the German economy – as well as for multinational companies from around the world seeking to protect their valuable intangible assets in Latin America.


The firm expands its client base to Asia, the US and Europe, offering patent, trademark, copyright and other IP-related services.


Gerardo Messerer, son of Walter Messerer, takes over the firm.


To gain proximity to German clients, Gerardo Messerer opens the first Moeller office outside of Argentina, in Munich, Germany. Munich is of strategic importance, as this is where the European Patent Office is located, along with the German Patent and Trademark Offices.


Moeller IP merges with the São Paulo-based law firm Cavalcanti & Cavalcanti. Mr. Cavalcanti is appointed president and partner of Moeller IP Brazil. Brazil, the largest economy in the Latin American region, becomes of strategic importance for the firm.


Thomas and Theo Messerer, Gerardo Messerer’s two oldest sons, join the firm with the ambition to modernize and reposition it for the future. While Theo spearheads all digitalization efforts, Thomas takes on a commercial and financial role – with both brothers intent on fostering the firm’s growth.


Moeller IP opens an office in Montevideo, Uruguay, stepping up overall operations and regional coverage.


Moeller IP celebrates its 90th company anniversary.


Moeller IP is increasingly a point of reference for IP-related matters in various emerging market economies. Clients and colleagues alike value the company’s seamless, quality-driven and solution-oriented services.


Moeller IP undergoes a major corporate rebranding, expanding its jurisdictional coverage to the entire world, with a strong focus on emerging market economies.

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