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... if you’re looking for a global network that’s grounded in merit, experience and personal relationships, and you want to grow with it – Moeller IP is for you.

The Moeller spirit 

We’re a vibrant, dynamic and highly professional company made up of experts who truly care. And We’re always looking to expand our international team of IP experts.

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What we’re really good at: bringing our future vision into the present.

We aim to always be ahead of our time by identifying industry trends at their earliest stages – and we’re constantly simplifying our processes through technology. Our remote-first policy enables our global network to feel close-knit and personal even when the people involved are oceans apart. It also lets us accommodate our team members’ needs.

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Firmly rooted in our history

With close to a century of experience, we appreciate the value of long-term employee relationships. We know who we are and where we come from – and we want to keep giving people the opportunity to grow within our company and contribute to its vibrant, family-oriented spirit.

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At Moeller, we aim to be the very best at what we do – which is why we also aim to attract the very best people for our diverse international team. Sound like just the right place for you? Reach out – we’d love to hear from you.