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Our experts provide the best possible solution. Whether it consists of private investigations, negotiations, or the assertion or defense of patent rights in administrative and judicial proceedings, we present an estimation of costs, time, and chances of success.

Enforce your IP rights in the most efficient manner. Know in advance how much time and money the case will require and the chances of succeeding.

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We analyze all information of the case and provide an estimation of costs, time and chances of success, and request the term extension or compensation.

Recover some of the market time lost during agency review by having your patent remain enforceable or be compensated for the economic benefits that could not be obtained at that stage

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Our experts design the best strategy to file and prosecute plant variety rights in emerging jurisdictions; and deliver it together with an estimation of costs, time, and chances of success.

Obtain an exclusive right to use your new varieties of plants in the most cost- efficient way. Earn the right to initiate Court Actions against infringers.

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We assess you on the best way of dealing with data in different jurisdictions, given that it is being regulated and protected in various ways. We create an internal data management system or, if necessary, represent you in breach cases at any jurisdiction.

Find the most cost-efficient solution for data management at any jurisdiction. Avoid infringing data protection and privacy regulations and facing monetary sanctions.


We assess you on the production and commercialization regulation of your products in any jurisdiction, providing the most cost- efficient solution to deal with them. Our services range from designing strategies for obtaining approval, to commercialize them and dealing with non-compliance cases.

Have your products approved by local authorities. Learn the most cost-efficient way of commercializing your products in any jurisdiction.


A few of our talents

Mariano Municoy 1


Team Leader of Moeller‘s Legal department, he excels in all things related to protection and enforcement of IP, including patent matters as well as transfer of technology, licensing and regulatory affairs.

marco euroza min

Associate Senior Consultant

He assists in patent prosecution and derived services such as clearance, due diligences, or FTO reports. He also carries out legal services related to intellectual property and regulatory affairs.


Of Counsel

He supports the Legal team putting in well use his expertise in Intellectual Property, Corporate law, Antitrust. His strong academic background allows him to be the go-to source for legal advice.

MIP Team 210514 15

Junior Lawyer

She assists our clients with the prosecution of patents during the administrative and judicial stages, and provides support wherever needed.

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