Mexico’s supreme court decision for cannabis

5. July 2021

By Marco Garcia Euroza. Lawyer. 

On June 28, 2021, the Mexican Supreme Court canceled the prohibition stated in the Mexican General Health Law related to the consumption and recreative use of cannabis and THC. The cancelation is part of a lengthy battle from pro-cannabis organizations in favor of decriminalizing and regulating these products.

Now the Mexican Secretariat of Health will have to issue the necessary authorizations for cannabis and THC. On the other hand, the Mexican Regulatory Authority, COFEPRIS, should determine the guidelines and modes for acquiring the seed. Such authorization does not allow the importation, commercialization, providing, or any other act related to the distribution of these substances. COFEPRIS should also limit consumption, establishing clear limits to products comprising these substances.

This cancelation further pushes the Mexican Congress to legislate the activities related to recreative consumption of cannabis and THC, such as, sowing, harvesting, preparing, possessing, and transporting.

Although the recent decision may come limited until the Mexican Congress legislates on the aforementioned topics, this serves as a first step into regulating the consumption of cannabis and THC in Mexico. Furthermore, cannabis-based firms may take advantage of this new and developing market. For example, according to UPOV’s PLUTO database, to date, breeders have submitted just 3 PBR applications for new cannabis varieties in Mexico. This number will surely grow as time passes and positive legislation grants certainty of these products.

Sources: Mexican Supreme Court of Justice, June 28, 2021, Press communicate No. 187/2021


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