Marco García Euroza


Marco has a BSc degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He also has a post-graduate degree from the Universitat de Barcelona in Intellectual Property as well as other diplomas and courses related to regulatory affairs and financial analysis.

He has over five years of experience in the intellectual Property field; specifically, over the prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights as well as advising over regulatory matters.

Marco joined Moeller recently. He is part of Moeller’s legal department where he provides counseling and advice over legal matters pertaining to intellectual property and regulatory affairs. He also helps with the prosecution of patents during the administrative and judicial stages and provides information on intellectual property or regulatory affairs registries.

Marco has also participated as an official expert witness for the Mexican judicial courts. He has helped in the resolution of different matters, but mainly those involving the enforcement of intellectual property or those related to regulatory affairs.

In his free time, he enjoys travelling, hanging out with friends and exercising. He likes swimming and weightlifting.

Marco García Euroza


  • National Autonomous University of Mexico, Faculty of Chemistry, BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Universitat de Barcelona, Master’s degree in Intellectual Property
  • National Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmaceutical training of marketing authorization filling in Mexico