INPI Brazil | New extension of deadlines in Brazil by ordinance No. 166/2020

29. April 2020

By Carlos Cavalcanti. Lawyer, Managing Partner at Moeller IP Brazil.


Brazilian PTO published this Tuesday (04/28), Ordinance No. 166/2020, which extends until May 15, 2020, the suspension of deadlines referred to in Ordinance No. 120 and 160/2020, due to administrative measures to prevent infection and the spread of COVID-19.

  • The Ordinance applies to all processes pending at Brazilian PTO, regardless of their nature. Therefore, deadlines are suspended for all cases.
  • The Ordinance also implies the interruption of the counting of the deadlines that are in progress, which will flow again for the time remaining at the end of the suspension period. In other words, the term will be counted from where it left off.
  • The terms that start in this period will start counting after the end of the suspension.
  • The use of term suspension is optional and the user can petition at the INPI, through the online systems, if they prefer.

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