New appellation of origin in Brazil (DO)

5. May 2020

By Moeller IP Brazil.


The Brazilian PTO published today (May 05th), in the Official Bulletin (RPI) nº 2574, the grant of the geographical indication (IG) “Campanha Gaúcha”, in the type of appellation of origin (DO), for fine white, rosé wines, red and sparkling wines. This is the seventh IG in the state of Rio Grande do Sul for the wine segment.

From now on, all wine producers who are within the demarcated region and follow the rules contained in the regulations for use – called the Technical Specifications Booklet – will be able to use IG in their products. This was granted on behalf of the Association of Fine Wine Producers of the Gaúcha Campaign.

The territorial delimitation of 44,365 km² covers municipalities or districts of: Aceguá, Barra do Quaraí, Candiota, Hulha Negra, Itaqui, Quaraí, Rosário do Sul, Santana do Livramento, Uruguaiana, Alegrete, Bagé, Piraí, José Otávio, Dom Pedrito, Ibaré , Maçambará, Bororé, Encruzilhada, Torquato Severo and Joca Tavares.

The first IG recognized in Brazil was the DO “Região dos Vinhos Verdes” for wines, granted on August 10, 1999. Currently, there are 77 records at the INPI, of which 56 are national (IP) indications and 21 are DO (12 national and nine foreign).




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