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¨.AR domain¨ Is now available

10. October 2019

Maria Sol Porro. Trademarks Lawyer and University Professor.

New Domain Registration

Since last September, the first level domain ¨.AR¨ is available between the different registration options offered by the NIC Argentina, the national agency responsible for the administration of the domain name registry and the operation of the Domain Name System –DNS- in this country.

Registration stages

The registration of this new domain will be divided into three stages.

First Stage ¨Registration registration¨:

This stage that covers from September 11th to November 09th, will only be enabled to the owners of other domains registered before December 1st, 2015 – and that are still in force on August 27th, 2019- so that they also acquire the .AR domain over them.

Second Stage “Registration of Interest”:

This stage will begin on November 25, 2019, and will run until January 23, 2020. During this second period any person (both human and legal) will be allowed to request domain names available in .AR and in case of conflict over the same domain, the priority will be defined by lottery in the ¨City of Buenos Aires Lottery¨.

Third Stage “General Availability”:

Finally, from February 23, 2020 onwards, the .AR domain registration will be officially opened for the general public.
Through these three organized stages, NIC Argentina seeks to gradually offer domain names and avoid abuses with improper or speculative registration. Likewise, and for the same purpose, the domains registered in both, the first and second stages, will not be able to transfer to another owner for a period of two years from the date of registration.

Registration fees

Finally, it is important to highlight that each stage will have different registration fees.  Therefore, if you are interested in the registration and advice for each stage our professionals are at your disposal to answer your questions and assist you according to your interests.

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