Linda Liau

Client Relationship Manager

Linda is a multidisciplinary professional with 20 years of experience ranging from Law to Technology.

She started her professional career working for her family business until transitioning to Law. As a lawyer, she worked with Corporate M&A for a decade in top Brazilian law firms, followed by a passage through an NGO where she was responsible for Institutional Development. She also ventured out on her own business creating her own fashion brand before migrating to startups and Technology.

As a professional, Linda is passionate about the intersection between businesses, technology and human relationships. Linda is also into design and is fascinated by how art and beauty empowers and transforms.

A key member of the Moeller IP team, Linda brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as a Client Relationship Manager. With a keen understanding of the needs and goals of her clients, she is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and satisfaction. Whether building new relationships or strengthening existing ones, Linda is committed to ensuring that Moeller IP’s clients receive the exceptional service they deserve.

In her spare time, she enjoys strength training, sci-fi series, electronic music, reading, and philosophical discussions about life and human existence.

Linda Liau