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Venezuela law changes 2018 patents trademarks, and designs

30. August 2018

By Gabriel Biasella

On the 23rd of August this year, the Government of Venezuela and the SAPI local IP Authority have notified a substantial increase on administrative expenses related to IP matters, such as forms, folders, mandatory searches (when applicable), mandatory publications, annuity forms, etc. All these charges must be paid right away in local currency at the date of any presentation before registering to the SAPI (IP Authority in Venezuela). These new costs come into force at once. Changes are always immediately due in Venezuela.

These are only the administrative expenses, we expect a new note from Venezuelan authorities regarding the Official fees in the next days. We keep you updated on this.

The new expenses mentioned above are the following:

Trademarks: Amount in USD:
Denominative or graphic official search 237
Mixed official search 474
TM Filing (nominative or graphic) 570
TM Filing (mixed) 810
Final fees 10
Trademark Renewal 165
Assignment (granted TM) 165
Assignment (non-granted TM) 10
Change of name or Address (granted TM) 165
Change of name or Address (non-granted TM) 10
License of use (granted TM) 165
License of use (non-granted TM) 10
Merger (granted TM) 165
Merger (non-granted TM) 10
Oppositions 5
Reconsideration action 5
Administrative appeal 5
Press publication 170
Voluntary Amendments 237
Reply to office actions 5


Patents, Utility Models and Industrial designs: Amount in USD:
Official search 237
Filing 930
Final fees 10
Publications (up to 3 mandatory) 505
Assignment (granted) 165
Assignments (non-granted) 10
Change of name or Address (granted) 165
Change of name or Address (non-granted) 10
Merges (granted) 165
Merges (non-granted) 10
Payment of annuities (each) 160
Oppositions 5
Reconsideration action 5
Administrative appeal 5
Voluntary amendments 237
Reply to office actions 5


We are pleased to assist you for any further clarification needed on this topic. Please feel free to contact either or for additional informa





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