New manual for Brazilian industrial designs

10. January 2019

By Maria Belen Priore, Patent Dept. 
On January 8th, the Brazilian PTO launched the first edition of the Manual of Industrial Designs to ensure greater quality, transparency and uniformity in the field of examinations of industrial designs, the principles of legality, impartiality, morality, publicity and efficiency, within others.
This new Manual not only consolidates the guidelines and procedures related to the examination of industrial design applications, but also provides instructions for the filing of design applications and following-up on processes, helping examiners, prosecutors and users in general.
This first edition of the Manual of Industrial Designs became official by Resolution No. 232/2019 dated January 7, 2019, and was published in the PTO´s Official Gazette Nº 2505, Section I – Press Releases, and will be in force as of 03/09/2019. The aforementioned resolution also revokes normative instructions No. 44/2015, 80/2017 and articles 2nd, 3rd and the sole paragraph of resolution No. 159/2016.
This manual gathers everything concerning the Industrial Designs, being easy to access (published on the Brazilian PTO website), with no more than 135 pages (currently, because will be subject to periodic updates in charge of the Standing Committee for the Improvement of Procedures and Examination Guidelines).
This useful tool for every IP operator was issued after a public consultation occurred between August 11th and September 29th 2017, in which the Brazilian PTO received about 208 contributions from 10 different participants which were discussed and answered by the Standing Committee for the Improvement of Procedures and Examination Guidelines.

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