If you don’t pay – you don’t play!

27. November 2018

By Maria Sol Porro

Concerts of the “Tigres del Norte”, a Mexican popular band, scheduled in Colombia for the first days of November were not carried out because the event’s entrepreneur did not cancel the Colombian Authors and Composers Society, (SAYCO ), the copyright of the musical works that would be heard in the show.

This precautionary measure was issued by the National Directorate of Copyright, (DNDA), and marks a historic milestone in the fight against the illegal practice of individual management in Colombia, which will make it possible to bluntly prevent any previous event musical that uses works protected by copyright, without the corresponding payment to SAYCO.

It is important to remark that SAYCO is the only Collective Management Company authorized in the country to collect the author’s rights, and according to what was expressed by the Manager, Cesar Ahumada, “(…) the organizers of the aforementioned event canceled the rights of an individual manager which corresponds to collect SAYCO.

In this way, the management company SAYCO advances in the protection of copyrights within Colombia through these and other sanctions, to prevent this kind of behavior that affects protected works from spreading.


SOURCE: http://sayco.org/