Vivien Racy

Lawyer and Senior Client Relationship Manager

Vivien is a Brazilian lawyer who has been based in Europe since 2012. As a member of the BAR Association, she spent six years working as an attorney in various offices in Sao Paulo where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Civil Law from the Catholic University of São Paulo. In 2011, she moved abroad.

During her days as an attorney at law, she worked occasionally on IP litigation cases against big companies but, after moving to Munich, she changed her focus and dedication mainly to IP. As the Client Relations Department Team Leader of an IP service provider, she had the opportunity of managing large trademark portfolios for several industries. Managing such portfolios and their integration with recordal projects required that she go deeper into her knowledge of project management. She completed the Project Management Certificate from the British Association for Project Management (APM) in 2014.

Vivien is the author of a book entitled “A Cláusula Geral da Boa-fé Objetiva no Código Civil de 2002: A Boa-fé dos artigos 113 e 422 do Código Civil Brasileiro.”

In 2018, Vivien joined Moeller IP Advisors as a business development executive in Rennes, France. Currently she works as a client relationship manager.

Outside of work, Vivien likes traveling, spending time with her family and is interested in food, culture and meeting people from all over the world.


Vivien Racy


  • Lawyer, Catholic University of São Paulo (Brazil)
    Master’s Degree in Civil Law (Contracts) Catholic University of São Paulo (Brazil)
    Certificated Project Manager, British Association for Project Management (APM) (UK)
  • Vivien speaks fluent Portuguese, English, German and French.