Nicolás Alejandro Fazio

Junior Paralegal

Nicolás has been part for Moeller for 4 years.

He started working in the division of Internal Affairs, which provided support to the Trademark and Patent departments.

Currently, he is part of the Trademark team and some of his duties include the revision of INPI’s Official Bulletin, the management of trademark publications and certificates, and the input of office actions in Moeller’s database. He also reports publications and requests corrections before  INPI.

He also provides support for the patent team, for which he manages all notifications to and from  INPI.

In addition, he communicates with Officers and Heads of Departments at INPI.

Nicolás is an Industrial Property Agent (2017) and has also taken the General Course in Industrial Property (2019) organized by OMPI.

Furthermore, he has been awarded the degree of Automotive Sketching and Drawing at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (2012) He is passionate about cars and designs in general; he works as a freelancer and his designs are available at FazioDesign on Facebook and Instagram.

In his free time, Nicolás enjoys being in contact with nature and spending time in the countryside. He loves sightseeing and visiting new places.

Nicolás Alejandro Fazio