International Trademark Registration

Protecting your brand on a global scale is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. International Trademark Registration secures your brand’s identity and uniqueness across borders, ensuring your mark is safeguarded in every country you do business.


Our experts stay abreast of the latest developments in trademark laws and practices around the world.


We provide strategic advice that goes beyond mere registration, aiming to strengthen your brand’s position in the global market.


With our streamlined processes and attentive service, we ensure that your experience is seamless and your objectives are met.

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Why is International Trademark Registration Important?

Securing your brand’s identity on a global level provides a fortification against infringement and misuse. Unlike local registrations, an international trademark gives you exclusive rights in multiple countries, allowing for seamless expansion and protection against counterfeiters.

Through illustrative examples, we demonstrate the unparalleled value and security that comes with international registration.

International Trademark
Registration Service

At the core of our offerings is a robust International Trademark Registration service designed to navigate the complexities of global brand protection.

Our seasoned team of experts leverages extensive knowledge and experience to manage every aspect of your trademark registration process, from initial search to final approval.

We understand the intricacies of international law and provide a seamless, transparent experience, ensuring your brand is protected in over 180 countries around the world.

Our International Trademark Registration service encompasses a wide range of subservices designed to meet every need of your global brand protection strategy. Discover how we can tailor our expertise to suit your specific requirements.

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International Trademark
Search and Analysis

Before filing your application, we conduct a comprehensive search and analysis to assess the availability and registrability of your trademark in target markets, minimizing the risk of objections or conflicts.

Application Preparation
and Submission Trademarks

Our team meticulously prepares and submits your trademark application, ensuring compliance with the legal requirements of each country or region where you seek registration.

International Trademark

Once your trademark is registered, we provide ongoing monitoring services to detect and address potential infringements, keeping your brand secure across the globe.

Renewal and Maintenance
International Trademark

To ensure your international trademark remains protected, we manage renewal deadlines and maintenance requirements, handling all necessary paperwork and filings.

Opposition and Litigation
Support about Trademarks

In the event of an opposition or legal challenge to your trademark, our team offers expert support and representation to defend your rights and interests.

Legal Advisory Trademarks
and Strategy Consulting

Our legal advisory and strategy consulting service is designed to provide you with expert guidance on how to optimize your trademark protection strategy.

Moeller: International Trademark Registration Experts

With years of dedicated experience in the field of International Trademark Registration, our firm stands at the forefront of global brand protection. Our team of experts is not only well-versed in the intricacies of international trademark laws but is also deeply committed to ensuring that your brand receives the highest level of protection across borders.

Our expertise is not just in managing applications but in crafting strategies that align with your business goals and market dynamics. We understand that every brand is unique, and our approach is always tailored to meet the specific challenges and opportunities of your trademark registration journey. From conducting thorough market analyses to navigating complex legal landscapes, we are equipped to guide you at every step.

At the heart of our service is a commitment to your brand’s success. Let us take the worry out of International Trademark Registration, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business globally.

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Trademarks Team

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Victoria De Lasa


Team Leader of Moeller‘s Trademark department. With over 15 years of experience as an IP Attorney, she supervises the team‘s work with a hawish eye for quality and a perfect combination of management and legal skills.

Mariano Tabanera2

Mariano Tabanera

Senior Trademark Attorney

One of the top Trademark Attorneys of Moeller IP, with over 7 years of experience he excels in strategy planification for trademark conflict resolution throughout the Latin-American region and Emerging Economies of the world.

Dina Arndt1

Dina Arndt

Senior Trademark Paralegal

Highly experienced Trademark Paralegal, Dina has been handling our German clients‘ Trademark matters for over 17 years. She is an expert in Trademark filing and prosecution.

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Paola Corigliano

Senior Trademark Paralegal

Top-tier Trademark Paralegal of Moeller IP. With over 23 years of experience in the IP field, she seemingly handles our clients trademark filings and prosecution, renewals and maintance actions.

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International Trademark Registration

In an increasingly interconnected global market, international trademark registration has become an essential tool for businesses looking to protect their identity and assets across different countries. This process not only safeguards a company's name and logo but also ensures that its intellectual property rights are protected worldwide. Explore the benefits, the process, the types of international trademark registrations, and everything related to this important brand protection strategy.

Benefits of International Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark internationally offers a number of significant advantages for businesses of all sizes. Below are the main benefits of this process:

  • Global protection: By registering a trademark internationally, businesses ensure their brand is protected in the member countries of the corresponding agreement or system. This means they can effectively defend against third-party infringement in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Business expansion: With the brand protected internationally, businesses have the freedom and security to expand their operations and enter new markets without fear of their brands being misused.
  • Deterrent for third parties: The presence of a registered trademark in the international arena acts as a strong deterrent for third parties from registering similar trademarks, thus minimizing legal conflicts and infringement possibilities.
  • Foundation for registration in other countries: Although each country has its own trademark registration process, having an internationally recognized brand can facilitate and expedite the process in new jurisdictions.
  • Increased brand value: An internationally registered trademark is a valuable asset that can increase a company’s value, attract investments, and enhance licensing and collaboration opportunities.

International Trademark Registration Process

The process of registering a trademark internationally is detailed and requires careful planning. Although specific steps may vary depending on the system or agreement under which registration is made, here are the general stages involved:

  • Initial research: Before applying for registration, it is crucial to conduct a thorough search to ensure the trademark is not already registered or in use in the jurisdictions of interest.
  • Application preparation: Involves gathering all necessary documentation, such as proof of trademark use, description of goods or services, and any graphic representation of the trademark.
  • Application submission: The application is submitted through the Madrid System or directly to the intellectual property offices of each country, depending on the chosen approach.
  • Examination and publication: The trademark office will review the application to ensure it meets all legal requirements and then publish it for public opposition.
  • Opposition (if applicable): During a specified period, third parties can file oppositions to the trademark registration if they believe it infringes on their rights.
  • Registration and maintenance: If there are no oppositions or they are resolved favorably, the trademark will be officially registered. The registration must be renewed periodically to maintain protection.

Types of International Trademark Registrations

There are several systems and agreements through which a trademark can be registered internationally. Each has its specific characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. The most prominent include:

  • Madrid Protocol: Managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), it allows trademark holders to seek protection in up to 124 countries through a single international application.
  • European Union Trademark Registration: Offers brand protection in all EU member states with a single application. It is managed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
  • Other regional systems: Include the Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration, among others, that offer protection in specific geographic areas.

Description of Each Type of International Trademark Registration

Madrid Protocol

The Madrid Protocol allows brand owners to obtain protection in multiple countries through a single application filed with WIPO. This system is ideal for businesses looking to expand into multiple jurisdictions, offering a streamlined path to international brand protection.

Advantages include centralized management and the possibility to add additional countries in the future. However, a disadvantage is that an objection in one member country can affect the entire application.

European Union Trademark Registration

Provides brand protection in the 27 EU member states with a single application. It's an efficient option for those looking to protect their brand in multiple European countries simultaneously.

The main advantage is the broad coverage across the EU, but a disadvantage is that protection in individual countries cannot be selected; it’s all or nothing.

Other Regional Systems

There are other regional systems that offer protection in specific geographic areas, such as the Lisbon Agreement. These systems are beneficial for businesses seeking protection in countries within a particular geographic region.

The advantages vary by the system but generally offer a simplified route to regional protection. Disadvantages may include limitations in coverage and recognition outside the region.

Services related with international trademark registration

International trademark registration can encompass a broad range of services aimed at protecting and managing a brand’s identity across multiple countries. These services not only facilitate the initial registration process but also provide ongoing support to maintain and enforce trademark rights globally. Below are key services often included:

  • Comprehensive Search: Before applying for registration, a thorough search of existing trademarks is conducted to ensure your mark is unique and avoid potential conflicts.
  • Application Filing: Assistance with preparing and filing the trademark application in accordance with the requirements of each jurisdiction or through international systems such as the Madrid Protocol.
  • Monitoring Services: Ongoing monitoring of trademark databases to identify potential infringements or conflicts, allowing businesses to take timely action against unauthorized use of their mark.
  • Legal Support: Access to legal advice and representation for navigating the complexities of international trademark law, including handling oppositions, objections, and renewals.
  • Renewal Management: Reminders and management of trademark renewal deadlines to ensure continuous protection without lapses.
  • Strategy Consultation: Strategic advice on how to maximize trademark protection based on the specific business model, industry, and expansion plans.
  • Infringement Action: Assistance with enforcing trademark rights in case of infringement, including drafting cease and desist letters and representing the brand in legal proceedings if necessary.
  • Portfolio Management: Comprehensive management of a brand’s trademark portfolio, ensuring all international registrations are up to date and accurately reflect the current state of the business.

These services are integral to the successful registration and maintenance of international trademarks, providing businesses with the support they need to navigate the global marketplace confidently.

International Trademark Registration: Key Considerations

Registering a trademark internationally involves strategic decision-making and ongoing management. Below are essential considerations to keep in mind throughout the process:

  • Choosing countries wisely: Consider your business plans, market presence, and potential expansion areas when deciding in which countries to register your trademark. Prioritize markets that are key to your business operations and future growth.
  • Trademark management: International trademark registration requires active management, including monitoring for infringements, renewing registrations, and potentially filing for additional protections as your business evolves and enters new markets.
  • Handling renewals: Trademark registrations are not indefinite; they need to be renewed at regular intervals. Failure to renew can result in the loss of trademark protection in that jurisdiction.
  • Dealing with infringements and disputes: Even with a registered trademark, infringements can occur. It’s important to have a strategy for addressing these issues, including litigation if necessary, to defend your trademark rights internationally.

Conclusion about International Trademark Registration

International trademark registration is a complex but essential process for businesses looking to protect their brand globally. By understanding the benefits, navigating the registration process, and choosing the right systems and strategies for your brand, you can secure your intellectual property across multiple jurisdictions. While the process can be daunting, the protection it offers is invaluable for businesses expanding into new markets. It’s highly recommended to consult with intellectual property experts to ensure a smooth and successful international trademark registration process.

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