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We’re all ears when it comes to our clients. We listen carefully to identify your requirements and all possible touchpoints, adding value where it’s most needed and ensuring the smooth and professional management of your IP portfolio.

Get on top of your IP game. We’ll help you meet the challenges of unfamiliar environments and emerging market economies

Trademark, patents, IP strategy advice, brand & data protection and much more.

I need to file a trademark or patent in one or multiple countries.

Managing multinational portfolios in an unfamiliar environment.

Through a single POA, we’ll help you centralize your request so that the filing procedure in multiple countries and classes is a smooth and easy process.

I need a go-to person for when I have a question.

Keeping your head straight when a project involves multiple locations, a wide range of formalities and lots of different contact persons.

Our dedicated Relationship Managers know the ins and outs of the industry. You can count on their, possess a great deal of IP expertise.

I need to protect my brand against illicit users.

Understanding the damage to your brand and stopping unauthorized sellers.

Our global anti-counterfeiting services combine legal expertise, technical know-how and strong enforcement mechanisms to achieve tangible results – with a clear ROI.

I’m looking for a smooth, straightforward interaction with my foreign IP agent – and one that’s document-light.

Understanding the complexity of the problem and creating viable processes.

We listen carefully to our clients’ pain points so we can tackle these challenges actively and methodically – until they’re solved. We have an excellent track record of solving our clients’ major issues in dealing with foreign agents. Through a simple Power of Attorney and simplified processes, we’re able to successfully represent your interests.

I need a quick, reliable cost estimate so I can understand the scope of my potential project.

Enabling sound strategic decisions through reliable information and fast processes.

We make the most of what technology has to offer – and that includes automized traditional law-firm backlogs. This way, we can add value fast whenever needed. Through standardization and price agreements, our quoting tool can provide you with a non-binding quote immediately.

I need legal advice on the best strategy for my IP portfolio.

Getting expert advice with quick response times and full price transparency.

You can count on our due diligence to provide you with the precise service you need. And a single point of contact for answers to all your legal questions.

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Our worldwide services: the Moeller IP hub

Our trademark services

Our trademark department offers the full service range, from prior assessment of your brands – along with advice on how to best protect them – to the entire registration procedure, monitoring and surveillance of your IP rights throughout their entire lifetime.

We have extensive experience in this field, along with a multidisciplinary team of attorneys and foreign trade experts with wide-ranging backgrounds and multilingual proficiency. And you can count on us to attend to whatever your need may be.

We also offer a network of offices and representatives all around the globe. This enables us to centralize your interests at our main office while providing advice and solutions around the world. It simplifies processes for each jurisdiction while helping you understand how things work in each country.

Your Contact
Victoria deLasa2.jpg

Victoria Delasa
Trademark Department Head

Our patent services

Our patent department advises our clients during all the stages of obtaining a patent, a utility model or an industrial design in emerging market economies: from determining patentability and application drafting to the presentation and process of obtaining the requested right, all the way to its maintenance.

Our intellectual property agents, paralegals and experts cover all areas of technology, biotechnology, chemistry, health, information and communication technologies, mobility and mechatronics. They know the laws of all jurisdictions and can clear up any potential objections from patent offices.

In addition, we advise our clients on protection strategies and carry out freedom-to-operate (FTO) analyses, patent validity and equivalent searches for pending and/or granted patent matters of interest in all emerging market economies. We also respond to all our clients’ queries regarding patentability and infringement.

We can manage your complete portfolio with just one executed Power of Attorney – saving you significant time and legal costs.

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Vanesa Martinez3 cut 01

Vanesa Martinez
Patent Department Head

Our anti-counterfeiting services

Our anti-counterfeiting advisory service offers a perfectly balanced synergy between our legal and technology experts. We provide easy, practical, one-stop solutions for protecting and enforcing your IP rights in an innovative and creative manner. Focusing specifically on the world’s emerging market economies, we simplify your anti-counterfeiting efforts with cost-effective, technology-based services, responding to your needs with agility and flexibility. 

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Untitled 6 01

Laura Moreno Sosa
Anti-Counterfeiting Department Head

Our legal services

Our legal department advises and designs legal and business strategies relating to the creation, protection, transfer and enforcement of the entire range of IP rights – with a particular focus on patents, trade secrets, personal data protection, advertisement claims, licensing, transfer of technology, plant varieties and regulatory affair matters with regard to such areas as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food products.

It’s thanks to our profound knowhow and technical expertise in each field that we’re able to deliver these services, all the while retaining a flexible mindset when it comes to finding the best possible solution for our clients.

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Mariano Municoy3 1.jpg 1

Mariano Municoy
Partner and Legal Department Head

Our technical translation services

Our technical translation department is grounded in the professionalism and expertise of our linguists. We know our clients choose to work with us because we’ve proven our commitment to quality. Thanks to our vast pool of outstanding linguists – all accredited and certified – we’re able to ensure the punctual delivery of reliable language services every time. And we cover all traditional technical fields.

As Moeller IP has recently added further geographical locations to its network, we’re able to offer technical translation services in nearly every possible language combination.

Your Contact
Sofia Garcia2.jpg

Sofia Garcia
Technical Translation Department Head

The world of IP is complex.
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    Moeller IP Lawyers we assist our clients across all matters of IP rights with our worldwide network of expert patent and trademark lawyers, attorneys, engineers, and professionals. We are your partner or all aspects of IP law, worldwide. Excellence and long-term relationships with clients worldwide. At Moeller´s, we generate value for our clients by working hand in hand with all project stakeholders. Our main goal is to build trustworthy, continuous, and long-term business relationships.

    Legal experts in IP PROTECTION:

    Our IP lawyers advise on trademark, patent, design matters, and our experts covers IT, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering.

    Global IP law firm IP PROTECTION

    Moeller is a leading international IP law firm specialized in the strategic protection of patents, trademarks, and designs worldwide.

    IP PROTECTION: Intellectual Property Law

    Intellectual Property lawyers protect and enforce the rights of the creators and owners of inventions, known as IP or "intellectual property." There are several areas where IP PROTECTION is needed: copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. International Intellectual Property laws protect the owner of the work if others copy, present, or display the owner's work without permission.

    Trademark law protects a word, phrase, symbol, or design that is used to identify its product or service. Examples are Ferrari black style lettering on a yellow background, Gucci’s logo, and Nike's symbol.

    Patent law grants IP Protection for inventions which can be designs, products, or any other type of inventions and offers a mechanism for protecting of the invention.

    What do intellectual property lawyers do?

    The three most important segments of an intellectual property practice are:

    • Counseling
    • Protecting
    • Enforcing

    At Moeller´s, we are experts at how to best protect the intellectual property of our clients. In trademark law, Moeller´s lawyers will conduct searches on trademarks targeted by the client and advise the client regarding availability.

    Regarding patent advice, our team of lawyers have a large technical background to best understand our client’s patent and to evaluate its probability of patent infringement.

    Protection of intellectual property:

    • Registering the trademark, patent, or copyright to obtain the highest rights available for the asset.
    • Regarding a trademark or patent, filing an application with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) of the respective country until the trademark is registered or patent issues.
    • Enforcement of IP involves protecting the owner of the intellectual property against infringing uses. Example: Antocounterfeiting.
    • Other components: licensing, due diligence in connection with mergers or acquisitions
    • Developing strategies for international and domestic intellectual property protection.


    • Trademark and registered design filings.
    • IP litigation: patent, copyright, design right and trademark litigation.
    • Brand protection, including developing anti-counterfeiting strategies
    • Copyright and other Intellectual Property IP rights clearances.
    • Trademark and design revocation proceedings.
    • Assignments of IP involving IP.
    • IP licenses.

    Protecting the IP Of Your Brands

    Moeller´s innovative IP Protection solution defends brands internationally in all sectors from infringement and abuse.

    Design Protection: Protecting the design of your products. We are ready to support you worldwide.

    • Design Filing
    • Design Searches & Opinions

    Trademark Protection: Moeller covers all aspects, from international trademark registration and portfolio management to litigation and enforcement.

    • Domains
    • Trademark Filing
    • Trademark Monitoring

    Patent Protection: At Moeller, we protect your inventions with patents or utility models.

    • Validation of EP, and Patent Filing
    • Patent Searches & Opinions
    • Protection Certificates
    • Working Statements

    Intellectual Property Defense: opposition, cancellation, nullity proceedings, Antocounterfeiting and copyright infringements.

    • IP Litigation
    • Antocounterfeiting
    • Enforcement of Copyright
    • Opposition & Nullity

    IP Protection: Protect Your Brand to Grow

    Your brand is one of your most assets. You have spent time, money, and resources on the development and establishment of your trademarks and brands. You need to protect your IP against infringing trademark registrations, counterfeits, and similar products.

    At Moeller´s, we provide a full suite of solutions that allow you to control your brand.

    Comprehensive IP Protection for Your Brands

    Whatever challenges you face, we van help you, trademark infringement, brand abuse, our effective solutions support you to reduce risk.

    What do IP lawyers do to Protect IP?

    Intellectual Property lawyers are specialized lawyers dedicated to carry out litigation related to intellectual property cases, may include trademark, copyright, infringement, trade secrets, patents, plant varieties, geographical indication, etc.

    What does IP stand for?

    Intellectual Property. Some lawyers and attorneys decide to go into intellectual property (IP) law, where they work to protect the rights of products, materials.

    What is IP protection law?

    Intellectual Property Law comprises the enforcement, registration, protection, and security of the legal rights of intellectual assets and properties such as inventions and designs that include trademarks, copyright, geographical indications, and patents.

    Is IP protected by law?

    Intellectual property refers to the inventions, ideas, designs, and creations that are protected by laws.

    What does an IP lawyer do daily to Protect IP?

    Intellectual property attorneys and lawyers advise their clients on protecting their intellectual capital. At Moeller IP we are a law dealing with patents, copyright, trademark law, Antocounterfeiting, licensing, franchising, distribution, technology transfers, trade secret projects, plant varieties, etc.

    How hard is IP Protection law?

    It is vital for companies to protect their intangible assets because developing intellectual property takes years of work and often involves a big investment.

    Does IP protection have a time limit?

    The protection may last indefinitely, provided the sign in question continues to be distinctive.

    What does an IP right entitle a company with?

    An intellectual property (IP) right entitles a company an exclusiveness for their own innovative idea or an invention for a specified time period.

    Who owns intellectual property?

    Intellectual property is owned by one entity or company, typically the creator, in the form of Sole Ownership, but this ownership can be share with other entities and companies.

    What are the four types of intellectual property?

    Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

    Why Choose Moeller?

    Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, Moeller delivers data, analytics, and services that support brands to market their assets and reduce risks.

    From trademark clearance to brand protection.