New Webinar: Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions in Latin America

17. March 2020

By Moeller IP.

Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions in Latin America

Join Moeller experts on this coming webinar organized by the Section of Intellectual Property of the American Bar Association on Tuesday, March 31 at 12ET

Our experts are:

  • Jose Santacroce, Head of Moeller Patent Department and a former patent examiner who retired as Director at the European Patent Office in the field of Computers (Human-Computer Interaction) after working there for 30 years.
  • And Mariano Municoy, Head of the Regional Legal Department at Moeller and Adjunct Professor at Universidad de San Andres as well as Austral in Argentina, plus a regular foreign visiting professor at Chicago Kent in the USA,
  • They will be joined by Helena Galan. She is a specialist at Darts IP, the top global IP caselaw database provider

Webinar topics

This will be a live webinar where they will analyze the most important issues when filing, prosecuting and enforcing Computer-Implemented Inventions (CII) in Latin America.  Particularly in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Even though in absolute terms the number of CII patent applications in Latin America is still very low when compared to those of developed countries/regions. Relatively speaking they have been growing faster than applications in other fields of technology. Fact that is also expanding the non-very distant almost non-existing caselaw

However, there are many serious challenges to obtain legal protection  which start at the time of filing and prosecuting such as navigating. For example the exclusions from patentability, establishing the technical character /contribution of the invention as well as assessing the presence of inventive step.

During the webinar, we will present both a general picture and some particular administrative and judicial cases. That way you  can get the knowledge about the best ways to achieve the best possible legal protection of CII inventions in Latin America.


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