Free live Webinar on Computer Implemented Inventions (CII) in Latin America on Wednesday July 8th at 12;00 EDT.

1. July 2020

By Moeller IP Team.

Join Jose Santacroce, Head of Moeller’s Patent Department, and Mariano Municoy, Head of our Legal Department in this live webinar where they will analyze the most important issues when filing, prosecuting and enforcing patents protecting CII in Latin America, particularly in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

Mr. Santacroce retired as Director at the European Patent Office in the field of Computers (Human-Computer Interaction) after working there for 30 years and since early 2018 has led Moeller Patent Department.

Mr. Municoy has 20 years of legal experience and teaches regularly IP courses both in the US at Chicago-Kent as well as in Argentina at Austral and San Andres Universities.

Even though in absolute terms the number of CII patent applications in Latin America is still very low when compared to those of developed countries/regions, relatively speaking they have been growing faster than applications in other fields of technology, which very likely will accelerate in the near future as we all adapt to the new ways of living and working in an-after-COVID 19-world

During the webinar, they will present both a general picture and some particular insights about the best ways to achieve the optimal legal patent protection for CII inventions in Latin America.

At the end, there will be some time available for live Q&A

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